With Astrology life becomes more of a dance—a subtle interaction between archetypal forces and human awareness, a play of consciousness between the gods and the human mind and will and heart which they inform.
Rich Tarnas

Archetypal astrology is based on a correspondence between planetary alignments and archetypal patterns in human experience, which Stanislav Grof referred to as "the Rosetta Stone of consciousness research."

The most common reaction to an astrological reading is the client's sense of relief and joy at having their inner truth confirmed and at having discovered that there is, in fact, a cause for their feelings and behaviours.

Astrology is grounded in the premise that a relationship exists between an individual's personality traits and the specific planetary alignments occurring at the moment and location of their birth. A birth chart is a simplified representation of the planetary positions when you took your first breath. The task of an astrologer is to interpret and translate the various symbols included on an individual's astrological chart, with the aim of providing insights into their distinct personality traits, patterns of interpersonal relationships, vocational inclinations, and overall life trajectory.

Psychological astrology, from a humanistic perspective, is an extension of depth psychology and can also be recognised as a form of transpersonal psychology. It does not make predictions or use the birth chart for divination, but it can assist us in gaining a clearer understanding of who we truly are, our inner conflicts (complexes) and our life journey. Every planetary alignment represents experiences that are happening or trying to happen. The more people understand the emotional-archetypal impulses that are operating in their psyches, the more consciously and responsibly they can work with those tendencies, helping them to manifest in the most constructive and life-supporting ways possible. The study of astrology helps people to move in the direction that their deepest inner wisdom or inner healer, is already trying to take them.

The primary objective of my work is to assist clients in validating their experiences, optimise choice and realise their full potential while also recognising the transpersonal component of life, whatever that may mean for the individual. I don't tell fortunes, make predictions, or work with past lives. In addition to natal chart and transit analysis, I work with psychedelic integration and transit timing for Holotropic Breathwork® sessions and psychedelic journeys.

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The Astrological Consultation

The chart is more than an analysis, it is understanding the mythology that the person is living out – their mythos. Myths are stories that use symbols to describe a person’s perception of reality and these myths can be personal, social collective or transpersonal. The astrological symbols in a chart can tell us a lot about these stories, but they don't tell us how the person has put all of these things together to make their own mythology. So how do we find this out? Through dialogue. Reality is in the eyes of the beholder. Each individual is an incredibly unique, creative, and original person who puts all of this together in their own way. During the session, we work together to reveal how your life is expressing the archetypal complexes related to the planetary configurations that were present when you were born. We will look at the many possibilities for embodying and participating in their greatest potential.

Astrology Can Provide

Validation of Experiences & Recognition of Oneself

Astrology has the potential to assist you in understanding the complexities of your psychological make-up and to validate your own personally experienced life events. What we get from astrology is insight. This mirroring in astrology can be a powerfully therapeutic and validating experience. The understanding you gain of yourself, your interactions with others, and the course of your life leads to greater freedom of choice through greater self-knowledge.

Identifying Traits that are Embodied, Denied or Projected

Astrology has the ability to illuminate an individual's areas of exceptional talents and abilities. Moreover, this approach is highly suitable for effectively illustrating, in a manner that is easily comprehensible and non-judgemental, the aspects commonly regarded as 'bad' that individuals often struggle to acknowledge (the shadow). Furthermore, it proceeds to demonstrate the inherent positive possibilities inherent in these very characteristics. It may also shed light on the reasons behind the recurrence of certain problems, the types of people you seem to attract, and the avenues open to you for moving forward. 

Integration of Expanded Conscious Exploration

Astrology can help integrate material that has come up during deep exploratory work. It can assist the individual in understanding the symbolism that has come up to be processed. Considered the Rosetta Stone of the human psyche by psychiatrist and consciousness researcher Stanislav Grof and cultural historian Richard Tarnas, archetypal astrology can provide remarkable assistance in preparing for and integrating nonordinary state journeys. This includes work with psychedelics and Holotropic Breathwork® or Grof® Breathwork as taught and practiced through Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT) Holotropic Breathwork® and in the Grof® Legacy and Grof® Studies communities. 

Meaning and Purpose

With the help of astrology, many people realise they are not only important but also play a significant role in the grand scheme of things they observe in the cosmos. Serious astrological investigation can show us areas in our life journey that are being highlighted by transits, giving us more freedom and choice. If you're ready to take charge of your own life, your birth chart can serve as a road map and timeline for transitional phases that will help you realise your full potential.


Initial Consultation Fees

Initial Consultation 90 minutes €145
Initial Consultation 60 minutes €115

Follow-Up Consultation Fees
(if taken within 2 years)

Subsequent consultations 90 minutes €120
Subsequent consultations 60 minutes €90

*Discount available for those in the GTT Holotropic Breathwork® or Grof® Legacy training programs


Both the clients' identities and the details of their sessions will be kept strictly confidential.


Clients are welcome to record the lesson; and I am also happy to do it for you and provide a link so you may download it for free, if it is understood that doing so is at your own risk. The session cannot be repeated if for some reason the recording doesn't work. But I make every effort to ensure that everything works smoothly. Fortunately, issues like this don't arise often.

To Make an Appointment

In the first instance please contact me at with your date, time and place of birth and fill out the Astrological Consultation Questionnaire and let me know when you would like the consultation. I will then send you further details to finalise the appointment.


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