About Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

"If I am the father of LSD, Stan Grof is the godfather; nobody has contributed as much as Stan for the development of my problem child."

Albert Hofmann

GROF® Psychedelic Therapy

In order to work with psychedelic psychotherapy safely and successfully, an extraordinary depth psychology is required, one that is truly capable of understanding the human psyche from psychopathology to spirituality, comprehending the powerful psychodynamics of psychedelic states. It should also include the newly discovered healing mechanisms and the work with psychospiritual crisis and processes that usually occur in an individual's path towards integration and healing.

Stanislav Grof, M.D, PhD, clinical psychiatry, accompanied since 1954 over 4,000 individual psychedelic therapy sessions and since 1974 over 50,000 participants in breathwork sessions in groups, mostly large ones. His extraordinary theoretical and practical experience served as a basis for a new discipline, Transpersonal psychology, integrating science and psychology. Emerging from the extraordinary and unique perspective of psychedelic and holotropic states of consciousness, it vastly expanded the conceptual framework and traditional therapeutic methods of psychology.

Stan´s psychology is unique, both in terms of theory and innovative therapy. It has been compared in relevance to that of Sigmund Freud, being probably the most important contribution to psychology since Carl Gustav Jung.

Grofian Transpersonal Psychology

Grofian Transpersonal Psychology allows us to understand with great lucidity and detail the profound territories of the human unconscious and the complex psychodynamics of psychedelic and holotropic states. It makes possible safe therapeutic work in holotropic states of consciousness in its maximum fullness and power minimizing potential risks. This vision and method are applicable to Holotropic Breathwork®, Grof® Breathwork, and to Psychedelic therapy with various psychedelic compounds such as MDMA, Psilocybin, LSD-25 and 5-MEO-DMT.

Emerging from groundbreaking psychiatric psychedelic clinical research carried out in Europe and USA, Stan´s modern consciousness research covers and integrates decades of psychedelic research and clinical experience. It offers all that is necessary to accompany in an informed and coherent way the different dimensions of the holotropic process.

It carefully considers the whole procedure from the screening of the main contraindications to a comprehensive theoretical preparation of the subject and to the establishment of the ideal context (set and setting) that is required.

It also covers all the crucial ethical and practical aspects, as well as the ideal music and therapeutic interventions. The method allows for a better, deeper and clearer resolution and grounding of the psychedelic experience. This is done, when necessary, by specific Bodywork interventions, effectively releasing psychological, emotional, and somatic tensions that may have been unresolved during the course of the session. This is very important to minimize any potential problems after the session. Alternatives and practical methods to integrate, ground and deepen the therapeutic process in between psychedelic sessions will also be covered.

The application of holotropic states to psychotherapy and deep self-exploration opens unique opportunities for both the understanding and the method of contemporary psychology as well as an experiential access to legitimate personal spirituality.

I am currently enrolled in the GROF® Psychedelic Therapy Training program.